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Replace data table - start over with no data but preserve dependencies



I have a good app going with one main data table with lots of views and dependencies tied to it.  I want to change some field types in the table - from Text to Integer, etc.  But all the warning scare me about lost data if I proceed and "incompatible data will be lost."

To preserve all the dependencies will this work?

  1. COPY that original table and data (call it Table 1)  to "Table 1 Backup".   
  2. Copy Table 1 again and all it Table New
  3. Change field types in Table New, save it.  
  4. Delete original Table 1 and RENAME Table NEW to Table 1 (the original one  referenced in all the views and data pages).


Will that start me over with a new table with no data and preserve all the dependent reference to "Table 1" in the app?

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If you remove a table all the pages based on it will be removed. If you want to change the datatype of a column you can export your data out in excel. Change the data type in Caspio. List all DataPages that you need to reselect and modify after changing data type. If the data in that column is removed, you need to import that excel sheet and replace with your current table.

I would recommend you to create a copy of your application and play with that first and see how the changes affect your table and DataPages

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