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1 email after submitting several records





I have a portal where users can add items.

Now the only possibility is to send a notification email after every record.

Is there a way to send an email after all the work is done.

Even better: I have created a report with the additions nicely printed.

Would be better to send that as an email to the email in authenticationform + our own email address


Help is greatly appreciated

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Hi there,

The way I would do it is by adding a sort of Status to your process. For example, when the work is done, user should mark a check box on or select the process status from a dropdown.

Then, using JavaScript, track when status is changed to the one that should fire the email. When the file meets the conditions, then insert the email value(s) in a virtual field and assing this virtual field to the "To" option in the email wizard in the Caspio datapage. The JS solution would be something like this:

var dropdownField = document.getElementById("YOUR_FIELD_ID"),
    emailField = document.getElementById("YOUR_VIRTUAL_FIELD_ID");

dropdownField.onchange = function(){
  var ddValue = dropdownField.options[dropdownField.selectedIndex].value;
  if(ddValue == "YOUR_DESIRED_VALUE"){
     emailField.value = "";

You can place this in the DP footer. Do not forget to include the code between the script tags. <script>THE CODE DESCRIPTED ABOVE</script>

I hope it helps.

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Hi, just to add in the previous comment above, it seems that this workflow is possible using Triggered Actions. You can simply add a field(like a checkbox) at the end of your submission that once it is click then a trigger will fire to send an email. You may check this link about triggered actions:



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