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Generate Geolocation Coordinates from Update/Details Forms

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Hi Everyone,

I would like to share a solution on how to generate geolocation coordinates on Update/Details datapages.

My solution based on following HowTo article:


Please use this JS instead of the one from step #3 of above article:

</div><script type='text/javascript'>
var lat_id = 'EditRecordlat';
var lng_id = 'EditRecordlng';
var address_id = 'EditRecordAddress';
var city_id = 'EditRecordCity';
var state_id = 'EditRecordState';
var zip_id = 'EditRecordZip';
var wrapper_id = 'cbwrapper';
var msg1 = 'Please input a valid address';
if(typeof jQuery != 'undefined'){
var cb_geocoder = cb_geocoder = new google.maps.Geocoder();
$('#'+wrapper_id+' input[id=Mod0EditRecord]').click(function(e){
var add = $('#'+address_id).val();
var city = $('#'+city_id).val();
var state = $('#'+state_id).val();
var zip = $('#'+zip_id).val();
if(!add || !city || !state || !zip){
var full = add +','+city+','+state+' '+zip;
cb_geocoder.geocode({address: full}, cbCallBack);
document.write('This Datapage require Standard Caspio Deployment for full functionality.');
function cbCallBack(locResult){
if(locResult != "" && locResult.length>0){
var lat1 = locResult[0].geometry.location.lat();
var lng1 = locResult[0].geometry.location.lng();
lat1 = Number(lat1);
lng1 = Number(lng1);
$('#'+wrapper_id+' form').submit();


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Hi Everyone,

I would like to add an update on this. This workflow does not work when Responsive is Enabled in the DataPage.  The workaround to keep the DataPage responsive is by changing

$('#' + wrapper_id +' form').submit();



On this, you may now remove the

<div id=”wrapper”>



in Header and Footer. 


I hope it helps!

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