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Values cannot be submitted due to a data restriction



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On 8/19/2017 at 11:29 PM, KnowitallNZ said:



I am currently making a form in caspio. When testing my form I get the error values cannot be submitted due to a data restriction.

Thanks in advance. 

You may check your formula fields in table, I suppose that you submit a value in a field which causes error in formula

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I got this error after updating a triggered action. The cause was a mismatched data type between the field I wanted to update and the field that contains the data. 

The thread referenced by RuisiHansamu is basically the same problem, in reverse. They changed the data type of their table field which caused a mismatch in a data type used in their triggered action commands. (The moral to the story here is don't change data type for a field that has any data or dependencies. To make a data type change, best to create a new field and configure relationships, forms and triggers to switch from the old to the new.)

If you see this error, it's likely caused by a calculation somewhere.

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All, just wanted to throw in something that I should have realized from reading this thread... but it would have required me to read between the lines.  I was running into the above error when trying to run a trigger that inserted records into a subordinate table.  The problem was that the child table had referential integrity turned on, and since the insert of the parent record isn't complete until the trigger runs, it was failing the referential integrity check.

Also, something that helped me figure this out (because I wasn't smart enough to check the relationships first, and just thought I had written the trigger poorly):  I created a duplicate of the table I was trying to insert into.  It worked just fine.  That should have been my clue that it was the relationships / referential integrity!

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