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Trigger Action Insert Select Distinct: Multiple Values



I aim to add unique values in a support table on which I hope to build a graphical report

On Insert into the T_EA_Entities table (which is child table linked to the main Activities table, and data is entered via a child form on the Activity Data Page) I want to insert unique Entity IDs associated with the Activity stored in a separate table called T_EA_Entities_Unique.  NB: T-EA_Entities stores nect to Entities also sometimes multiple contact persons for an entity (= multiple records)

I have attached the Trigger Action. This Action only adds one Entity ID to the T_EA_Entities_Unique table, instead of the multiple who are entered via the DataPage in the T_EA_Entities table.


Does anyone have an idea how to modify the Trigger Action so it will add multiple values to the table?


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Hi vanderLeest,

20 hours ago, vanderLeest said:

Does anyone have an idea how to modify the Trigger Action so it will add multiple values to the table?


This can be achieved by using Joins with #inserted and table which has multiple records under same Id`s as inserted but "Select distinct" will restrict the output only to one record. 

Here is an example of the Triggered action which will insert unique records into the separate table:


Hope this helps.



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Thanks so much for your quick reply with a nice example.

I have tried to implement it, first by selecting top 1 based on two fields, Activity_ID and Entity_ID, however that did not work.

Next I created a formula field in the tables T_Entities and T_Entities_Unique, which would result in the same concatenated ID in both tables for Activity_ID and Entity_ID combined, concatenated ID, which can have multiple values in T_Entities, but only a unique value in T_Entities_Unique.

Sadly, the following Trigger Action does not result in inserting unique values in the T_Entities_Unique table, i.e. no values are added when updating an Entity in T_Entities.

Any assistance will be sincerely appreciated as this logic (when working) will be appropriate for many use cases.


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T_EA_Entities stores for each Activity the Entities involved and a Contact Person for each Entity. Some Entities will have more than one Contact Person, and they will be entered as a separate record. The unique composite key for the T_EA_Entities table would be a combination of Activity_ID, Entity_ID and Contact Person. Data is entered in T_EA_Entities via a child form on the Activity Data Page.

To run a combined chart and report that shows which Entities are involved with how many Activities (and links to details of the each Activity), I need a table for which the combination of Activity_ID and Entity_ID are unique, hence the name T_EA_Entities_Unique. 

On any record changes in T_EA_Entities, I want to update T_EA_Entities_Unique via a Trigger Action. To make this possible T_EA_Entities needs an Autonumber RecordNo field and a Formula Concat field combining Activity_ID and Entity_ID in a string, e.g. Right('000'+Str([@field:EAE_ID],Len([@field:EAE_ID])),6)+Right('00000'+Str([@field:Entity_ID],Len([@field:Entity_ID])),6)

The table T_EA_Entities_Unique needs the RecordNo as a Number Field and the same Formula Concat field combining Activity_ID and Entity_ID. 

The following Trigger Action will add, delete and update the Activity Entity records in T_EA_Entities_Unique, when the records in T_EA_Entities are changed.


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