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Multi-Select Listbox and Conditional Logic



Hello All,

I'm having trouble getting the conditional logic to work with a  multi-select listbox.   I've used conditional logic before without complication but this is my first time using it with multi-select listbox.   In the submission form, I have a multi-select listbox "currentAssign" with the value to be stored in field "currentAssign".   The datatype of the field is "List-String" and it has the following values

Area of Study

when a user selects a value of Campus, College, Advisor, or Area of Study, I would like the conditional rules to display or hide additional fields on the form.   For example,  when "Campus" is selected,  the conditional rule will display a drop-down field containing local campuses, and will also make the displayed field  a required field.   In this example i'm using the Parameter "[@currentAssign]" to set the criteria because i don't have an option to set the criteria by field name "currentAssign". 

Rule 1
Criteria:  [@currentAssign] is not 'College'
Action:     Make Section 3 hidden

Criteria:  [@currentAssign] is 'College'
Action:    Make currentAssign College required

I've tested the conditional logic on drop-down form elements that has a data type of "Text".   And it works as expected, however, I can't get it to work with multi-select listbox  form elements with  a data type of "List-String".     I've gone as far as i'm able to, can anyone please provide some help.


Thanks in advance


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Sorry to say that Rules do not work with List-String DataTypes. That is a current limitation of Caspio.

One workaround for your issue would be to convert currentAssign field into a text box and change it to a dropdown form element  in the DataPage. 

Or, if you know JavaScript, create a Virtual field in your DataPage and assign the value of currentAssign to this Virtual field. Rules can be applied to Virtual field just like you would for any other DataTypes.

Hope that helps.


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On 1/25/2018 at 10:27 AM, MayMusic said:

@nuimage did you try this solution?

Hi MayMusic,

thanks for checking.  My internal user opted to remove the check boxes so i wasn't able to complete testing.  However, i have another application that would benefit from multi-select checkboxes so i will need to push forward in getting this to work as soon as i can get to it.


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