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Order Form - multiple entries



I would like to create a simple online ordering form where users can order multiple items.  Table is Order in relation to Items table.  Customer enters order on Order_Form (I know how to set all this up), but if they want to order 5 different items, they can do so on one form, not one at a time with individual submissions.  What am I missing that I can easily do this?  Looked through video tutorials and help...couldn't find.


Item      Quantity   Extended

Item     Quantity   Extended

Item    Quantity   Extended

Item    Quantity   Extended

Item   Quantity   Extended

Order Total:   

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Seems like you are looking for a mass input through submission form which is not a standard feature at Caspio at the moment. The only workaround is through inline insert in a tabular report for now. Other than that you an create a custom submission page and use wen services API to write to your Caspio table. Again for API you can only submit one at a time but you can create a loop in your code. https://howto.caspio.com/integration/web-services-api/

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Does anyone know if Caspio has worked on this issue yet?

I have a similar need.

Let's say it is a form, for Every single truck trip, which will give you the chance to select the number of kgs of a predefine list of items that might be collected by the truck on that trip:


Apples: 700 kgs

Oranges: 0 kgs

Mangoes: 0 kgs

Bananas: 175 kgs

TOTAL kgs: 875 kgs


(Other option of the form, would be the possibility off adding new fruits, for every truck trip, without any predefine list)


The tabular report indicated before, as far as I know, requires to enter the Truck Trip 'code' with every item.

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