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Chrome login loop


Some users have recently been reporting that they can no longer log in using Chrome on all of their devices.  Works with other browsers, but something is being blocked or not passed or at least shared between their computer, tablet and phone while trying to use Chrome.  It does not produce an error.  It just sends the person back to the login form with no error are submitting.  The solution to this is not to try to have every person change their Chrome settings....most are clueless as to how.  Need to have a solution on our end that gets around this.  Any ideas on the cause?

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9 hours ago, Vitalikssssss said:

Hi @gsgriffin,

This behavior makes me think that some users disabled third-party cookies in their browser settings. 

Hope this helps.



No, That would bring up the Caspio error when the form first loads that states that the person must have cookies enabled.  The person loads the auth form and submits it only to be immediately returned to the blank auth form and no error.  This happening with different people only on Chrome and only within the past few weeks.

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