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Java Script Rule In Update Form

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In a update form, can i block user update certain field based of other values.

like if there is "Document" and "Documents remarks", where user will upload file in "Document" and will put remarks in "Documents remarks" (Approved/ Rejected/ On Hold).

I want to disable the editing option of "Document" on the basis of"Document remarks" . If "Document remarks" is approved then user cant update the "Document" Filed .In form i already made rules on "Document remarks" on basis of different value. It is not giving access to create a new rule. Is it possible or any way arround?

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Hi @edujobs2k18,

Yes, if you already used a field in a rule, you can no longer use it. What I would suggest it to create a simple JavaScript that will get the value of "Documents Remarks", and if the value is "Approved" then you can disable the "Document" field.

Note: You need to make sure that the "Documents Remarks" field is visible or in that form so we can get the value.



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Hi @edujobs2k18,

Are you referring to your script for TimeStamp or the one for the Update Form? If you're referring to the script above, you can implement that by editing your DataPage and follow the steps below:

a. Add a Header and Footer.

b. Go to the Header and disable the HTML editor by going to the Advanced tab and unchecking the box next to "Enable HTML editor".

c. Click the Standard tab.

d. Add the script that you have.

Let me know if you still need help on the Update Form.

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Hi @edujobs2k18,


Please know that you may be able to select DocumentRemarks in more than just one rule (given that it is not a Display Only or Hidden element type) (*For complete list of Limitations, see Action Limitations in this documentation).

DocumentRemarks can also be used as a Criteria, even if there is an action that modifies it.

Lastly, you may only use the field Once as an action target.



A possible reason why you can't select DocumentRemarks as a Criteria is that maybe it's set to be a Hidden or Display Only field. If this is the case, let's just make it a regular Text field, then use JavaScript or CSS to hide or disable that field.


A possible reason why you can't target the Document in an action is because it has been used in an existing Rule. If that is the case, just find the existing rule, then add a new criteria to satisfy your condition (or revise your criteria set with converse condition statements).


Hope this helps

` DN31337

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