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Create multiple records in “child” table conditionally




Can someone share a solution which allows me to create multiple records in “child” table conditionally? 
I have a table “Parent” in which there are two fields “date from” and “date to”, so I need to create 3 child records if for an example I select date from 09/28/2018 and date to 10/01/2018.


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Hi @Alison,

You can design Trigger in such a way which allow you to achieve the desired functionality.

You need to make sure that:

1. Your parent/child table has one-to-many relationship;

2. You create a special table which will be used as insert template.

3. Please note that you would need to list the same number of records in insert template as the number of days which you could have in the date range.

4. You need to create a Trigger.

You may import my example into your account and check the structure there. 




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Hi @kcastagnaro,

Well, Caspio has release some Triggered Action enhancement called "Loops" that could simplify the solution.

As of now you would need to have two tables (i.e. three before). First table would hold event name and start and end date. The second table would hold each day of the event as a separate record. So the Triggered Action would look like the following:


The package with tables and Triggered action here.

Hope this helps.




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