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Making A Chart



I have multiple tables. The main table is Est_Table, which holds a ton of records known as bids and jobs.

In the Est_Table is a field named Contractor_ID, and its datatype is an integer.

There is another table called Contractors, which works on an autonumber with a list of the names of the contractors we work with.

Est_Table and Contractors are connected in relationships, so in the Contractor_ID field, its just a drop down menu of the names.

I am trying to make a chart that shows the amount of jobs/bids broken up by each contractor.

So, the chart would be looking through the Contractors table to see which autonumber is which, compare it to all of the records within Est_Table and show them on the chart by categories by contractor, right? Haha.

Here is what I have. It is NOT working. I have Category set to Contractor_ID and Value is set to Quote_ID (every job/bid has a quote, so I figured I'd use that.)




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Hi @kpcollier,

I can say that your "Contractor_ID" field has 1,017,901 records with blank (Null) value based on the output of your chart, so you would definitely need to check your source View. 

Please send me a copy of your View in private message, so I could look deeper.

It is hard to help with building charts without seeing actual data.





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