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Hey all. I am looking for some help on how to start.

I am trying to create a page where I can start an estimate for a project. I want to be able to select the types of materials I will need, the amount of each in sq ft, and a calculated price of the material.

I have a Cost Code table, that lists the different materials and services we have. I have another table, Est_Table, that holds the current estimates. I've inserted a picture of the Cost Code table. 

Do I need to add another field for how much each material costs per sqft in the Cost Code table? Do I need to use formulas? 

Thank you!


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To provide you with a strong answer, I would need to know how you are submitting new records to the database.

However, I can also point you to this article https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/datapage-components/calculated-values/ which will show you how to use calculated values in the datapage. You can call price from your cost tables and calculate live in your submission datapage.

I hope it helps.


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Over a year later, I am finally coming back to this. My problem with this is that in my line of work, we have a TON of materials that can be included in our bid. Different types of metal, glass, frames, etc. My Estimates table has over 150 fields in it.

The submission form needs to have access to most of these fields. I need more-than-enough input fields because the sizes of the jobs we bid range from small to very big - so wee need access to as many inputs as we can get. 

At first, I did the entire sub form in calculated values to get it to work. It looked awesome, the function was great, but the speed of the page was horrendous. Every number change you made would take ~3 seconds to update the page. Definitely not user-friendly. So, I tried changing the calculations to JavaScript. There is a ton of calculations, to remind you, so I haven't got through them all (probably about 80% of the calcs are now through JS) but this really hasn't helped the speed of the page. It still takes over 3 seconds to open it.

One thing that would help a TON is if I could somehow find a way that my internal users could upload an excel sheet (the way estimates are made as of now) and have it populate the form, or just populate straight to the table. This way we still have all of our number figures that we can run reports off of, but the system of making the estimate doesn't change. However, I do not believe that is possible.


If anyone has made any sort of app like this, I would love to hear how you did it! I am open to anything.

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