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Splitting up a record with same ID



Hello. I am having a problem. Right now, I have a DB that holds all of our records of orders for materials. Each order needs an Order_ID automatically generated once it is created. 

Now, say the order was for 15 windows. There should be a record in the table for that order. But, if 5 of the windows are on backorder, I need to be able to "split" that order up, showing that 10 windows are coming at X time and 5 windows are coming at a later date. But they need to share the same Order_ID.

So, if I put the order in for 15 windows and the Order_ID is 1234, after the split I need to be able to look it up as Order_ID 1234-1 and 1234-2 (or something like this) for the separate shipping dates, for the same order.

It sounds a little confusing, but if you need a better explanation I would be more than happy to try to give one through PM. 

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So I assume if you don't set your order ID field to unique, you can have more  multiple order lines in the table under one order ID . Then set up another field as a Suborder Field. 

Order ID  Sub order

1234           1

1234            2

Another way is to have yes/no field called backorder. 


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Also, as I've been trying to work on this, I can't seem to get a subID working either. I have a trigger, that when "Split" is checked, duplicates the record. The trigger has Sub_ID = Field #inserted.Sub_ID + 1.


I've tried changing it so Sub_ID = (0) + (1). So, now the 2nd part of the split (i.e. the backordered group) has a Sub_ID of 1. However, this only works with one split, and does not give the original order a SubID.


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