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Let's say if the value in another field is OTHER you want to unhide this field and make it require. Then you need to first add a section and have this field in a section as only one action per field is possible. Two rules you need:

1- Value = OTHER make the field required

2- Value is not equal = OTHER Make it Hidden

So you are doing it the other way around instead of saying

if value = OTHER Unhide

you say

If value is not OTHER Hide

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That's one of the annoying things about rules, the "You can only use a field once."

Though you can add the field/s to a section. When you do that you are giving yourself another way to select that field.

Let say you have Field1 and you put it under Section 1. Then you can choose Section 1 for the first rule and the Field1 for the second rule or so.

Just saying. Cheers!

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I use this method for 2 rules for hiding and requiring a field:

If you wrap the field in a section, then you can set the rule to hide the section (which will hide the field).

Then next rule you can require the field (not the section).

This way you can have both rules, you just cannot reference the same field for both hide and require. By referring to section for hide, you are not referring to the field twice.

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