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Web Form Wizard - Rules



Hi everybody,

I'm not sure where to submit bug reports, I'll just do it here.

 In a web form I added rules to hide certain input fields depending on the value of the field "type". Rule 1 makes the field "checkbox" hidden:



Now in Rule 2 I cannot select the field "checkbox" at all:



After removing "checkbox" from rule 1 ...



... I can select "checkbox" in rule 2:



My guess is that this is a bug but correct me if I'm wrong.



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This is not a bug
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On 12/3/2018 at 9:16 AM, JolliBeng said:

Hi CornCasper,

I'm afraid that is not a Bug. It is a limitation of Rules that you cannot use the same field or section already used in another Action.



Yeah, that's correct. If you happen to have chosen a field already in say Rule 1, then you will not be able to use that same field again in Rule.

I would suggest that you maximize your rules. For example if you have multiple criteria that deals with the same field, it's best to include all the criteria in one rule. Just like this:


Hope this helps. Thanks!

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Use this method for being able to select the field more than once:

For the field you want to hide, add a seperate section for it. Then under rules, select the section and not the field to hide. By hiding the section it will hide the field. This way for the second rule, you can still select the actual field for rule #2 (commonly used when you want to hide if X and require if Y).

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