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Avoiding Double Login on sites like Weebly

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My company is using Weebly to deploy our caspio apps on. I've asked this question in the Weebly forums with no response (you guys are much smarter anyways ;))

I am using Members and Groups in Weebly to generate custom web dashboards for different employees in our company. However, I have to create accounts on Weebly for this to work. 

I am trying to avoid having to make my users log in to Caspio AND Weebly to use our website. Of course, Weebly uses email address for user login. Each employee we have has their email address stored in our Caspio Employee_Table.

I am thinking maybe there is a way to use parameters to only have to log in once to use Weebly/Caspio?

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Hi kpcollier,


I have a feeling that the feature you're looking for is SSO (Single Sign-on). With the ability to login on multiple web domains, I can feel that it is a signal.

Quite challenging to grasp at first and surely challenging for the budget.


If you're on a medium to large company, this would definitely be a necessity as you grow.

I believe SSO is available for Corporate plans or the newer Caspio Premium plans.


Hope this gives you an idea.




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Thanks, @DefinitelyNot31337.

SSO is a little too pricey for our company, but it would work very well.

I didn't see it earlier. My main goal was to create personalized web layouts for different roles in my company, and I was trying to do it through Weebly instead of Caspio, which is where the double login came into play. I think what I am looking for is closer to the video from this post: 


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If I'm correct, you have applications on both Weebly and Caspio.  Well, the thing is double login will definitely be unavoidable in this as those are two different platforms.

I would suggest that you use Weebly only to host Caspio's Applications thus avoiding the double logins.

Now, I'm not an expert but if what you want is a dashboard for each of your user, There are features like RLS, User-Specific Redirects in Caspio for that. One example of that is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBBs6PXniqQ. You should see this article that they have about User-Specific Redirects as well: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/create-user-specific-redirect-after-login/



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15 hours ago, kpcollier said:

My main goal was to create personalized web layouts for different roles in my company, and I was trying to do it through Weebly instead of Caspio


Layouting surely needs to be done outside Caspio.


An easy and straightforward implementation would be to create a different page per individual role then do User-specific redirects. You could say:

www.domain.com/users/dashboard OR www.domain.com/dashboard/users/

www.domain.com/admin/dashboard OR www.domain.com/dashboard/admin/

... and so on ...


But if it's just about the positioning and few visual modifications and if you're a more advanced person, you could efficiently make do with one page and utilize CSS Grid + Javascript or PHP


I hope this makes sense. Haven't gone through my response again cause I'm not feeling well.

Good luck and cheers



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