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Hello. I am a very new user and have  a question. I have a form on my site at http://tngenweb.org/ybook/. The last field is "School Name." 


How do I update this box so that a person can have a choice for all schools rather than have to pick one on the list? I want the school choice to be an option for someone who wants to use it, but not be set so that they HAVE to choose 1 in the list. I'd like them to be able to choose any in the list. Thanks!

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I have a follow-up question. I discovered that when the field is List-String, I am not able to use Tools--> Import to add new data to the table. The fields I have set as List-String aren't recognized in my template and Caspio wants to import that data as new fields. 

Do you know of a way I can import spreadsheets to add new data when I have field set as List-String? If I change the field type to Text before I import, the field gets removed from the data page that is using it and I have to add it all over again. 



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