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I have been able to store 3M records, but I believe now with recent system upgrades it can store more. The main factor is the table file size (not records). When the table file size reaches 1GB it can cause it to freeze up. Caspio recommends number of columns to be no more than 255, but I have reached 365 before. That was my experience prior to recent upgrades so it may have increased since.

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Hi @JckDY,

Just to add up to the comment above, I believe you can have 10M records or more in one table. As long as you still have free DataBase space/storage in your account (This varies depending on your plan). And to ensure that your application is optimized, for best practices, it is advisable to have 255 or less columns/fields in your table.

For more details about best practices in creating your app, you can check this Article .

And to see the DataBase size/storage of each plan you can check these links. Standard Plans | Premium Plans

I hope this helps.



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So I was told by the awesome Caspio Support people some useful information about your inquiry.

While it is true that you can add up to 10 million records per table, you will start having lots of performance issues the moment it reaches to let say one million.

For example, you have a table with 1m+ records and then combined it to another table through a view and used it as the data source of a Report DataPage. You will experience very noticeable and increasing delays. 

It's always best to stay a little lower than a million. You can always do some archiving for old records so it won't add to the pain. Also, it'll free up some space so you won't have to purchase extra storage. It's always a good practice to trim everything down you know!

CASPIO Rocks!!!


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