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Virtual Parameter Logic




I've built a search form which uses three virtual field then passes them to the datapage which does the filtering. Virtual 1 (start of date range) and Virtual 2 (end of date range) work as I need them to for the Installment Payments. Virtual 3 which is the corporate division (MBO) selected from a dropdown list appears to be for lack of a better term ignored. I've attached screen shots of my datapage elements and the logic.






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I can't see all the logic for your criteria, but it looks like the outer container for all of them is an OR based on it's coloration. If taht's correct, if any one of the AND sets is matched the logic will return data based on that match regardless of the MBO value. 

Are you wanting the MBO value to ALWAYS have impact? If so, you need another level of nested logic --> an AND as the outer countainer with its children being the MBO entry and the OR that contains currently contains all the rest.

Also, you have the MBO parameter set to "if empty, ignore criteria". Which begs two questions:

(a) ARE you passing the MBO parameter value?

(b) Do you mean to ignore it if it's empty?

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