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Hi everyone. 

I have tabular report that has a column for prices. I use Totals and Aggregations to calculate the total of that column. I want the value on the total to be automatically inserted to a field on the other table. How will I do that?



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Hi @Jess147,

You can achieve that workflow using triggered actions. But first, the records that needs to be calculated should be saved on your table. I suggest that you use Formula fields for calculations or directly calculate it under your triggered actions.

You may refer to the following links:




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Hi @Jess147, First off, I would suggest using a triggered action in your main table to calculate the total of the column, then send the value to another field from the table where you will insert the data. To do this, you will need to add an INSERT block, select the table where you want to insert the data --> Now set the field that will contain the total calculation and send to another field that will receive the value to the selected table.

Here's the screen capture of my sample triggered action.



I hope this helps.


~ H

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