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Adding a Prefix with Calculated Value



I'm trying to get the value from an existing Autonumber from one table and add a prefix to it for another field, Quote Number, in a different table. 

The existing Autonumber is called AutoBidID and comes from the BidTable. In the new submission form for the new table, this AutoBidID is getting captured by a cascading autocomplete Virtual Field that works once a Job Name is selected from the dropdown. Job Name gets its values from the BidTable.

So, now I have the AutoBidID for the job I am creating a form for. I am simply trying to add a '2-' to the beginning of this number. In example, if the AutoBidID for the Job I select is 3002, the new Quote Number would be 2-3002. If the AutoBidID was 1234, the Quote Number would become 2-1234. 

Quote Number is a calculated field. This is how I'm trying to add the '2-'.  I have tried the following:

2- + [@cbParamVirtual51]

"2-" + [@cbParamVirtual51]

Stuff('2-', [@cbParamVirtual51])    -also tried without the quotes.

Stuff([@cbParamVirtual51], 0, 0, '2-')


Any help is appreciated. The AutoBidID is a Autonumber type. The Quote Number is a text field. Just trying to 'copy' the numbers and add to them.


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