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List Box Values Randomly Missing



I have 4 list box elements in my submission form. 3 of them are populated at the table level, while one of them is populated at the datapage level. The one at the datapage level, 'Job Type', has not been troublesome whatsoever. No problems at all. However, the other 3 that are populated at the table level will randomly not show the values. It seems this happens sporadically, or 'every once in a while'. Its hard to replicate because it happens randomly. 

Caspio Support is having trouble replicating the issue, however I have sent multiple examples of it happening. I have tried different computers, including a mobile device. I've tried on different browsers: Edge, Firefox, Chrome, even though I need to use Chrome due to iframe limitations. Its hard to tell if clearing cache helps this because the problem happens randomly, and telling the users to clear cache before each use of the app is not a solution. 

FWIW, this submission page is only accessed through a button that pulls up the page on a popup. 

Any thoughts are appreciated. I can't let this app go live until I am sure it will work every time.


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Yeah, its really weird. Definitely happens at random. Unfortunately, even using !important doesn't change anything. If the values don't get loaded into the datapage, the listbox will shrink no matter what. Even if it was at the fixed width, the main problem of having the values missing would still be present.

Caspio Support says they found the issue and that it was with Google Chrome, would be fixed in Caspio 20.0... This confirmed my belief that they have no idea what is going on either, as it happens on multiple browsers.

I think I'm out of luck.

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