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Line breaks in Text(64000) fields not recognized in html block insert



Hello -- hoping someone can clarify whether an issue related to line breaks is fixable or not.   I've searched the documentation and forum for an answer without any luck.

I have a Text(64000) data field in my table which I use to store multi-line addresses.   Street is on the first line, and city/state/zip on the second line.

In a datapage entry form, using text area w/out rich text editing enabled, I can put the street and city/state/zip on different lines within the field by hitting return.    Since I'm not using the rich text option which puts in html behind the scenes, there is no <br /> separating the lines.  When I look at the data table itself, the lines are broken correctly in the field, and there isn't any html.  (I assume Caspio has some way of recognizing the line break.)   I can also create these line breaks when entering the address directly into the data table, by using Alt + Enter, as discussed in these release notes: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-bridge-9-0/

The field is called "Address".   When displaying the Address field on a datapage details page, if I select the field directly as a field for display, it displays the two address lines correctly, like the below:

24 Willie Mays Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94107

However, I've built my datapage details page using html blocks, given that the standard formatting options from direct insert aren't enough for what I need.  So I insert the [@field:Address]  into that block, but now it doesn't recognize the line break, and displays like the below.

24 Willie Mays Plaza San Francisco, CA 94107

I know I could go in and enable the rich text editor and insert <br /> where needed and then output the [@field:Address] in the html block as html rather than a string.  However, I have nearly 1,000 addresses and manually going in and creating the breaks will be a major pain.  Before I go through that process, I wanted to check that I'm not missing anything.

Thank you.


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1 minute ago, Vitalikssssss said:

Hi @Ed727,

I am afraid that long text without HTML tags  will be rendered as a single line string.



Thank you, that was what I was afraid of, but I'm glad to have the clarity and do the manual fix now and set it up correctly going forward. This would be a good area for Caspio to build into its documentation.

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As a workaround, we can use a Formula field in our table to replace the string line breaks with HTMl <br> tag so it can be rendered via HTML.

Replace([@field:WithNewLine], '
', '<br>')


Once we have the HTML Version of the text, we can render it as HTML in our Reports:image.png.4ab372fe4dc852bbf44a6b8df3e20d1f.png

If doing via HTML Block with scripts, just insert it as HTML:

Hope this helps!

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