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auto email activates on every 4th update only




I  would like to share some workflow again for those who dont have a triggered action feature.

With this workflow, you will be able to make the auto email function of your details page activates only depending on the number of times it was updated.

Again, this feature could easily be done by using triggered actions however. It is not available for some of us.  well, without further adew, here it is...

first, you will have to make an integer field on your desired table. lets name it "update counter". make sure that this field has a default value of 0. For how will you do that, it is up to you or reply here if you dont know how.

second, go to your details page where you want to implement this feature.  you will have to create two virtual fields .

on the first calculated value (virtual1),  you will have to make it load the value of the "update counter field". If you would like, you can also set it to hidden if you want.

Then,  set the "update counter field" as a calculated value. This will be our incrementor (you'll get the idea). It can be done by adding 1 to the value virtual field you created from the previous step. use the SQL code beloew:


[@cbParamVirtual1] + 1


Then we will use the other virtual field (virtual2)  as a calculated value and use it  as a condition statement where if the equation above is = 0, it will return the desired email. Otherwise, it will return nothing: you may use this SQL code.


when [@field:update_counter] % 3 = 0
then [@field:email]
else ''


*replace the [@field:email] with your email field or your desired email.


Finally, go to the Search and Report Wizard - Email Options   use the "virtual2" at the "to" field of your email. with this. 


with this workflow, the email on the "To" field of your "acknowledgement" or "notification" email will be null unless the counter has the proper value. Thus it will not send an email

I hope it helps anyone.




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