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Authentication fields not showing in Firefox



I created a login page on my website in order to authenticate to Caspio for data inserts and updates. The login page is a data page with required authentication with username and password fields. When bringing up the page in Firefox, the " Create a Free Online Database /Disclaimer: This is a Caspio free app. Do not submit passwords or other sensitive data. Report Abuse" tagline appears but the username and password fields do not. When bringing up the same page in Chrome, the fields do appear.

In comparing code in developer tools for both browsers, Firefox seems to be replacing all of the <tbody> data that defines the fields that I see in Chrome with <noscript></noscript> tags.

I'm at a loss as to how to further troubleshoot. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  I would go to support but, alas, as a newbie trying out Caspio, I'm still in the Free Plan.

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Where are you deploying your DataPage, mbdiener? Are you using any web hosting sites?

Is the output the same if you only use the direct link from Caspio in Firefox? 


To get the direct link of your DataPage, navigate to the DataPages section, select the DataPage and click on Deploy. In Deploy wizard select URL and copy the link. 

Can you try also in another browser aside from Chrome and Firefox and check if the issue can be replicated?

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Thanks for your reply. I am deploying the Datapage on a self hosted WordPress website. I've tried it both using the Embed and WordPress (with plug-in) deploy methods.

I tested the direct link in Firefox, I did see the authentication fields. I then tried the page on Microsoft Edge and that worked. On a whim, I decided to try it again on Firefox and now the fields display! I really don't know how to explain it, but it probably has something to do with cache and/or cookies, which I did clear when previously testing.

I guess as long as it continues working it will be one of the great unsolved mysteries.

Thanks for you assistance!!


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