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Triggered Action Help




I have a triggered action that works, however it is so slow and clunky, and sometimes it times out. I am wondering if anyone can suggest a fix to make it faster or more efficient. It takes 15-20 minutes just to open this thing to edit it...

Attached is a screenshot of one block of the triggered action. This block is repeated about 400 times (one for each field. If you notice, the first field is: X2A1, and the second is X2A2 at the start of the second block on the bottom of the picture. Again, this is repeated for 400 fields.

The way it works is detailed below...

My GL Import table is a table which I will call tall (top to bottom). Here is a quick sample of the data for GL Import

ClientID   ProviderID   PeriodID    Field       Value

1                   1                         1                      X2A1       500

1                  1                          1                     X2A1        1000

1                 1                           1                    X2A2          1200


The balance sheet is wide (left to right) with each field displaying as one field left to right (the GL import table has all of the fields as labels in the row. Below is a sample layout of the Balance Sheet Table

ClientID    ProviderID      PeriodID       X2A1       X2A2     X2A3

1                    1                           1


Running this triggered action updates the balance sheet so it would look like this:

ClientID    ProviderID      PeriodID       X2A1       X2A2     X2A3

1                    1                           1                           1500       1200       0


The triggered action sums the values for each label in the field in the GL Import table, and takes that summed amount, and moves it to the correct field in the Balance Sheet table. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this more efficient? 

Triggered Action Help.JPG

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