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How to sort Pivot table values




I've got a pivot table with countries down the left and years across the top.  The values are tonnes.

I'd like the table to appear with the values sorted, so that largest values start from the top.  The sorting always needs to apply to whatever year is in the right-most column.  So if for example years happened to go from 2000 - 2019 (left to right), I'd like values to be sorted in the 2019 column. 

I'm suspecting the solution is in a 'Calc Field1' but I don't know the sql to sort the table

Many thanks 

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Thanks for the reply Nuke354.  Screenshot attached.

I'm looking for the table to be ordered in terms of values in the 2019 column, in this case with Germany at the top.  Any code that does this can't reference the name "2019" specifically, as the range of years can change.  I therefore want to reference the 'right-most column', whatever year that happens to be.

Calculated fields are very limited in pivots, hence my problems with this and request for help.  Tabular reports aren't a solution as they won't allow me to use years across the top.




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Ever get an answer to this?  This seems like such a basic feature.  Counting record occurrences should not be this completx - or require coding in a no code platform.   I get asked for a report like this all the time and I have to go back to basic excel to di it!  Looking at Knack because I think it does it by default.

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