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"Generate Invoices with Caspio PDF" How to Make iFrame Responsive



I have followed this fairly new tutorial by Caspio on YouTube that shows you how to build an invoice PDF. 

The PDF looks and works great - except for one downfall. Ned uses an iFrame of a Tabular Report and embeds this into an HTML Block on his Details page (which is the page for the PDF). He sets "1000" for both width and height values of the iFrame. This works great for small 1 page invoices, but only 1 page. If you have results from the tabular report that are longer than 1 page, those items get cut off.

I have tried following a few different articles online to make the iframe responsive, but it doesn't seem to work for the the PDF workflow. Basically, what I am trying to do, is make the iFrame's height be as big as it needs to be without a set limit. 

Any help is appreciated!

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@IamNatoyThatLovesYou I believe I have found a solution.

I did some more digging in these forums and found an answer by the late and great @DefinitelyNot31337

Please scroll down to his workflow and try it out on your PDF pages. With minimal tinkering, I was able to get my PDF page to extend onto a 2nd page if necessary.

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