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How to calculate the average of a field in a data table and write it in the current record ?



I have a data table with student grades (0-10) for math, for science, etc.

When entering a new record for a student, I would like to compare the new score with the average of the entire student database, let's say for math, and then for science, ...

Next I want to write the average score of each field into the current record for comparison.

I thought that Triggered Actions would do, but don't know how to go forward with this.

Any help ?


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We can indeed do this via Triggered Action.

If I got it correct, you want to get the average value from specific field, starting from the total value of all the records on the table as well as the value of the newly inserted. Then save the computed average to another field on the newly inserted.

If that is the case, you can normally use a trigger like this: 4473331


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