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Scheduled Task Email Not Sending



Hi - I'm trying to send an email once a day to students that have registered in an upcoming class to let them know how to join the class. I created a task to retrieve the correct records and scheduled the task to execute each day at midnight. It should send emails to students in classes that begin in four days. I used this article as an example (Example 2: Event Reminder): https://howto.caspio.com/tasks/

I've attached my logic. The task runs successfully but no email is ever sent. If I change the Where Criteria to have the Course Start Date = the literal date I'm trying to target, and run the task, the email sends. But with the logic to test for four days out, the task runs but no emails are sent. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Screenshot 2021-03-29 093523.png

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Hi @JayDub,

Have you tried swapping the timestamp and CourseStartDate fields? "WHERE CourseStartDate EQUALS TimeStamp - 4 days'

You could also try the 'difference in days' block under Date. 'WHERE difference in days between CourseStartDate and Timestamp equals -4'

I have not been able to test these, but thought I would try to help.

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Hello @JayDub,

The previous comment by kpcollier is absolutely correct. The email may not be sent because the WHERE condition is not met.

I usually like to use the 'difference in days' block for this type of task. Basically, if a field with a date is in the future - then the Timestamp should be set in the first place. That said, to select the records with classes that begin in four days, the difference in days should be equal to 4.

Here is the example, just swap the fields to yours:


Hope this helps!

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