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trigger for many to many connector table



I have a many to many connector table: Contact x CT1 that connects Contacts to groups in CT1. I would like a trigger on the Contact table such that when a record is updated, it checks to see whether there is a record in the Contact x CT1 table with the inserted ContactID and CT1. The CT1 is temporarily stored in the Contact table when a record is added.

I am looking for a record in the Contact x CT1 where there is a double match: both the ContactID and the CT1 from the inserted. Here is what I have so far, but I am getting duplicates in the ContactxCT1 connector table with





Thank you!!


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May I request a better screenshot of the trigger?

I think you are just getting confused with the lineup.

First, how many tables are involved?

Which among them is the main table (where the trigger is residing)

After that, lets compare it with your actual intended workflow. PErhaps after that we can provide further suggestions

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