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Import falied



I have a student table named for_studenti with 2 unique keys:
- The first is a GUID
- the second is a concatenation of fields firstname, lastname, email, region, city, fiscalcode (this is an Italian unique code for each citizen)

There are no triggers.

I'm trying to import some student whit the same EXCEL I used before and the students I am importing are all new. It was working until some days ago, now I get this message:

Imported Table:

  • for_studenti 
    No records were imported. 47 records failed.
    • Error(s) when inserting row. Number of errors: 47.

regardless the number of students. I tryed also using one new student only but I got the same msg (obviously referring to one record).

How can understand which is the error?

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6 hours ago, IamNatoyThatLovesYou said:

Hello @innov2e, I also received this error and resaving the file may help.

- Natoy

Following up on Natoy's comment, that is true. I tried to save the file and it helped me. Also, wanted to share this best practices as well for anyone's convenient. https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/scheduled-import-and-export/scheduled-tasks-datahub/

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Thank to all of you for sharing suggestions and references. But I was proposing a more wide question: when Caspio shows Error when inserting rows there is any place or tool to see which error Caspio has detected? The msg could be arised for duplicated unique fields, or missing fields to be used in formulas, or constrains in relationships.

As far as I know Caspio do not provide any further details about the error he got.

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