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Triggered Action - calculations



I have a fairly extensive triggered action that recalculates several fields of a table if a record of that table is updated in some way.  Now suppose I need to update my trigger code with a new/updated calculation.  How can I update all the records with the new trigger code?  How do I fire this trigger for all rows of the table?

Aside from the tedious method of making manual updates to individual records, I've tried a couple things:
- reload/import data to the table.  This fails because as I know now, triggers do not fire during import
- do a search and replace on some field of the table that forces the trigger to fire.  This fails with the error message, "too many records for triggered actions to work on"

Thanks for any advice,

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hi @sgriesbach from what you describe, I suggest to perform these steps:

  1. BACKUP your table
  2. Put your calculation logic into a manual task
  3. Run this task

Some useful hints could be

  • copy your table into a new one for test
  • duplicate into the test table the fields to be computed (i.e. for field1 make t_field1, ecc.)
  • Make a manual task to copy all values from fieldxx into t_fieldxx
  • Test the task created in previous 2. point on test table
  • Check if fieldxx are changed as you want

If this work for you please mark this answer as "Best answer" on the left and leave a like into the bottom lef heart.... :)

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