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Data Pages loading slow -- lag in network response




Lately, our data pages are loading slow.  Intermittent DataPage slowness is causing issue among users. After monitoring the network workflow, there is lag in response time and there have been instances where the data page timed out. On one occasion, we encountered Caspio bridge error. I have checked the status for site 10 and didn't see any errors. The data pages have been tested over different network connections to see if that would confirm if our internal network had an issue but that was not the case. Other clients have confirmed that data pages were inconsistent in loading completely.  Please advise if there is any other alternative option to make data pages load faster.





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1 hour ago, Scelzi said:

Thank you guys for your input, I did reach out to Caspio support and their response has been generic so far. Advising us to be patient while they diagnose the issue on the backend. 

That is further than I got with them. They keep telling me it's my browser (chrome) or my own internet, even though I've come to them multiple times with this issue from different computers and networks, and different users. I've even been attaching a screenshot of an internet speed test from the same time as the slowness is happening, and they still say nothing is wrong with their servers.

Good luck, is all I can say... The longer you stay with Caspio, the more you will see that they care less about existing customers and only about their bottom dollar.

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