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Creating Many Records Based On List Selection



I have a scenario where I have a default list of products (substantial list that resides in a table of its own), and my customers will select which of those products they want to offer.  Ideally, I'd have them go to a list report or tabular report, select the ones they want to offer (with checkboxes) and then create records in the many-to-many associative table based on which items were selected.  

What I've considered:

  1. Creating all the dependent records automatically with a status field of "inactive".  Then using a view where the updated table is the associative table.  Then I could have a grid update page.  So far, this seems the best, but I hate creating all of those unnecessary records, and I've struggled to make the grid update look decent.
  2. Creating a list report with a custom button that links to a page where the user can add the association record.  What I dislike about this is if they want to pick 10 records they've got to go back and forth between page 1 and page 2 10 times.  
  3. The possibility of some custom sql that would create the association records, but I don't think we're able to insert.
  4. Passing some long string that concatenates customerID with each product ID and passing that to a data page that stores that somewhere and have a trigger or task that unwinds the concatenated field (this sounds super-sketchy).

Would welcome ideas - thanks all!

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You may also consider using a submission form with a custom multi-select listbox 

 and a hidden field that captures the user's current ID.

then on the table, make a setup like this: 

This will separate those long string of CSV into multiple records on your table.

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Or another setup like this:

1) Create any report datapage that displays plenty of records in the results page (tabular,list, or gallery)

2) Create a submission form with that will capture the ID of the selected product from parameter and the ID of the current user. Use a script to make the form auto submit: 

3) Create a link on your report page that will open the submission form into a pop-up instead of redirection,https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/how-to-generate-link-menus-and-popup-windows/

With this setup, they will just have to click the link and it will create a new record associated with them.

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