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Send an email a specific number of days before a certain date - Triggered action?



Hello everyone.

I have a new employee app that includes a  Start Date field.   Often, the new employee Start Date is may be in the future but data is entered slowly in advance over weeks of onboarding and as new info comes in.   So thier Start Date might actually be 2-3 months in the future even though ther new employee data is all entered.  We would like to send an email announcing a  new employee 2 weeks before the date of thier Start Date.  Would that be better as a Task or Triggered action?  And not sure if this would be an #insterted situation.  Was considering this, which did Valiadte.


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Hello @roattw,

As I can see, the issue is related to the 'less then or equal' compassion .

For example, the Start_date = 02/15/2023 and today is 02/17/2023.

Date difference in days  between 02/17/2023 and 02/15/2023 = -2. And -2 is less then 2 so the condition is met. 

With the setup from your screenshot, this Task today(02/17/2023) sends emails if Start_date is 02/19/2023 or less.

Usually, the comparison should be 'equal'. In this case, the Task will send emails once when this exact condition is met. 

For example, on 02/17/2023 emails are sent for the records with Start_date = 02/19/2023, 

                              on 02/18/2023 emails are sent for the records with Start_date = 02/20/2023, etc.

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