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Sorting Data in Emailed Report via Tasks




I have created an email task that I can run on demand to send me information (in this case, student rosters) and it works in that it sends me the requested data. My question is, is there a way to change how the data is sorted on the emailed report/table variable? I was hoping it would sort in the field order of the table variable (see screen capture) but the email is coming through with the data being sorted by LastName. Do we have any control over how the data is sorted in table variables in tasks?




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18 hours ago, kpcollier said:

Click on the Settings (Cog Icon) for the SELECT block. You should see an ORDER BY option. Check that and you should be able to select a field to order by.

If you want it to sort by how they are in the table... Maybe add a new AutoNumber column to the table and sort by that field.

Perfect! thank you!

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