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Document templates - Generate PDF for client AND copy for yourself AND copy send via trigger?




Document templates and PDF generation is kind of cool.  But it doesn't quite do what we need.  We need it to 

  1. Generate PDF for the client AND
  2. Create/save a copy for use as well AND
  3. Send generated PDF by email to client (in acknowledgment email or via a trigger)

Are wishes #2 and 3 possible?



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For #2, do you mean like automatically save the PDF in the Caspio Bridge account as a record?

If that's the case, I don't think we have that yet as well. PDFs are generated on the user level only to be downloaded, and it does not have any function to have them saved automatically as new record. 

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For #2 and #3,

The common workaround we do is that, have the DataPage where the user can generate the PDF be accessible to the target receiver as well.

For example, include the URL of the DataPage in the email so the user can just go there an download the PDF on their own since we cannot attach them on the email. 

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