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Redirect if User not logged in




I have a HTML datapage acting as a stand alone login screen. When a user logs in, they are diverted to our online system.

If a user goes directly to the online system without going via the HTML data page (and thus not being logged in), I would like to automatically direct them to the HTML data page.

How can I do this?

Many thanks for any help.

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These are the pages you need to have:

- A standalone login page (let's call it "login.htm")

- A landing page after successful login (let’s call it “mypage.htm”)

Step 1.

- Create an authentication folder. Open the authentication wizard and add a Header/Footer to configure fields screen

Put at the header

Step 2.

Also Attach the following script to the footer of the login form

var cb_login_page="login.htm";

if(!document.getElementById('cb_login_box') && document.getElementById('cb_login_module')){

window.location= cb_login_page;

} else {

document.getElementById("cb_login_module").style.display = "" ;


Step 3.

Create an custom HTML page inside the authentication folder. Attach the following script.

var landing_page = ‘mypage.htm’; // it could be relative or full path


Step 4.

- At the standalone login page “login.htm”. Wrap the Caspio Deploy code of custom HTML page with a div

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