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Hovered rows are given a background color



I'm using the style Blue Grey. After a modification alternate rows are given a background color when they are hovered. Both on the Search page, the Results page and on the Details page.

I have no idea how I did this, and I'm trying to eliminate it. I think I have restored all setting to the original ones, but I can't get this phenomenon to go away.

This is a really silly question, I know, but if anybody knows how to do it I would be really grateful.



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Hello BjornSkifs,

You can change the hover color of the odd and even row to transparent, if you don't want to have a colored background when you hover. You can change it in Styles>Results Page> Table Layout, then click Source. Look for .cbResultSetOddRow_hover and .cbResultSetEvenRow_hover.

Set background-color: transparent if you want to remove the color, or change the color code to your desired color.




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