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Grouping and aggregation



I have a list of sales that basically looks like this:

Date Seller Amount

I want to use collapsible groups and display it in the following way

2012 Totalaggregatedsalesin2012

August TotalaggregatedsalesinAugust2012

Seller 1 TotalaggregatedsalesbySeller1inAugust2012

Seller 2 TotalaggregatedsalesbySeller2inAugust2012


July TotalaggregatedsalesinJuly2012

Seller 1 TotalaggregatedsalesbySeller1inJuly2012

Seller 2 TotalaggregatedsalesbySeller2inJuly2012



2011 Totalaggregatedsalesin2011

December TotalaggregatedsalesinDecember2011

Seller 1 TotalaggregatedsalesbySeller1inDecember2011

Seller 2 TotalaggregatedsalesbySeller2inDecember2011



There are three problems:

1. I can group per year or per month, but not both per year and month.

2. I can't aggregate both per year and seller. There is an option "Also apply to the first group". I would like it to be "Apply to every subgroup".

3. When I collapse the groups so that only the years are shown, then only one year is shown on the page. The reason is that at maximum 250 records can be shown on each page - although they are all collapsed.

Is there an easy way to address these issues?

I'm really grateful for any help.


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1- If you want to group per month and per year you need to have them in two separate fields.

2- For some reason this option is not available to apply grouping on all sub groups as a standard feature

3- I think you want to collapse the groups and see all the years since they are collapsed. As far as i know this is also not possible in the current version

Caspio experts, please let me know if these are not the accurate answers. I am also curious to get the correct answers.

Cheers :!: :!: :!:

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