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Here are the steps to take to create a Quiz in your Caspio bridge.


1)      Create a new table, and add all the fields you want. (make sure to have an ID field as autonumber and a 'correct answer' field for every question field)

2)      Create a submission form based on the above table

3)      Enable advanced options, enable parameters

4)      In the Web Form wizard, Select Fields, don't add the ID field, but select the checkbox 'On exit pass Autonumber ID field as parameter' at the bottom of the wizard.

5)      Add all fields from the table that you would like to display

6)      Make all 'correct answer' field as 'Hidden' in Form element

7)      Under field options, default value, type in your default value for each answer

8)      In the Destination & Triggers screens, add the following JavaScript to redirect to report page after submit:


<script type="text/javascript">

function Redirect()
    window.location="<URL of report datapage>&id=[@InsertRecordID]";
document.write("You will be redirected to your answers in 10 sec.");
setTimeout('Redirect()', 10000);



9)      In the above code, change the URL in window.location, to the URL of the report DataPage from step (11) and add the parameter id to it. You can insert the parameter from the 'Insert' option to the right

10)   Click Finish

11)   Now create a Details report page, enable advanced options and parameters

12)   Filter based on pre-defined criteria, check box for Allow parameters in search criteria and radio button for Bridge and external parameters

13)   In 'Search and Report Wizard-Select Filtering fields' -Add only the ID field and click Next

14)   In the Configure filtering fields screen, select the ID field from the left and click on 'Advanced' tab

15)   Check the box for 'On load'

16)   Change dropdown to 'External parameters' and type in the parameter name from step 8 – [@id], click Next

17)   Select all the fields to display and configure as you wish and click finish


So when a user submits data using the submission form, they will be redirected to the report page after 10 seconds to display the results.

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Yes, for each question, there is a field in the table that stores the correct answer.

For example:


Table Structure would be:













You will have as many correct fields as there are question fields.This is a hidden field in the submission form and you can specify the default value while configuring your DataPage and this gets inserted into the table.

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To create a simple quiz page, create a table with these fields:

UserID (from authentication table), Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 ....

Then create a submission page which is authenticated and include all fields over. UserID should be hidden and check to receive authentication paramter

for each Question type a label which explains the question and form element to radio button for each possible answer.

If you do not care which answer they picked and you only want to get the score you, for value of the correct answer you can have 1 and for the rest 0. Then you can add a calculated field to count the value and get percentage using ([@field:Q1] + [@field:Q2] + [@field:Q3] ...)


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I have followed these steps and I'm still not able to see the quiz setup the way it should be. I'm seeing only one question as a dropdownlist with answers as radio buttons. When the user chooses the answer, I'm not able to redirect to the details page. However, I can preview it and when I do, I don't see the users choices, just the question, answers, and the correct answer. Could I get a little more help with this? I'd like to have all the questions with the answers displayed on the screen without any dropdownlists.

Quiz question display.png

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