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Search Based On Multiple Keyword



I have a database with a field that can contain multiple keywords, separated with commas (e.g. "run, swim, bike, drive".  Some records have one entry, some have multiples per the example. I would like to be able to search on 2 or more keywords at once.  For example, return all the records that contain "run" or "swim" and only those.  I'm not sure how to do it.  The way I have it set up now, if I enter any two items in the search field, I get back all records, including those that don't have either term in the that field.


Any idea how to get this to work the way I want?



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Hello tclemendor,

Do you want to search records via Report DataPage?


Then on the Configure Search Fields step you can add criteria (one or more) to one field and select OR as a logical operator between criteria.


You can find more details in the article in How To

The Combining Comparisons and Range Searches part.

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Thank you.  I got the basic first part to work, meaning that I can now search the the one field with two different terms.   The solution you pointed me to creates a new text field, so it appears that I need to enter the two different entries into the two different boxes.  


Here is the next part:  I created a listbox and used javascript to allow it to take multiple selections.  Is there any way for me to take the result from the multi-select listbox, pass that to a single place for one field, and have the search conducted based on the result of the multi-select listbox?


For example, If the user selects "run" and "swim" from the listbox, and I pass "run, swim" to the search box, can I have a search done looking for run OR swim?


I could not find a solution to this searching the forum.  Thanks, t

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