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Using Authentication Can I Enable A User To View A Pdf File Hosted Within Caspio?



I'm looking to enable an authenticated user the ability to view a PDF or Excel file once logged in to my Caspio app.


I know I can use an HTML link to a file outside of Caspio (not secure) but can I upload a PDF or Excel file that can be downloaded or viewed within Caspio?



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Hello natx56,


As far as I know, there is a File type in the tables.

In the article, this type is described as:


The File Data Type gives you the ability to associate files with a record. File fields allow your end-users to upload a file through a Web Form. The files are stored in your database and can be accessed and organized in a file directory located in the Files section of Caspio Bridge. Image files can be displayed directly in your applications. With other file types you can provide end-users with a link to download a copy of a file. Sample fields that would use File: Image, Resume, PDF_Instructions, Printable_Document...


If I understand correctly, you can create a table with a field of this type, create a Report DataPage with the table as a DataSource and assign an Authentication with the DataPage.


Then only authenticated users will be able to see the fields of the DataPage, and one of fields will contain PDF or Excel file.

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Just to add, if you would like your users to download the file then you may add this HTML snippet in an HTML block of your authenticated DataPage

<a href="YourFile.pdf" download>Download PDF</a>

If you will use a static file, you can insert it in an app parameter and call it from the HTML block. For example.



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