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Using X,y Coordinates In Map Mashup



I want to use x, y coordinates in my map mashup. But I can not see the markers. The map is on my website, but no markers are on it. I have done all the instructions on the website. 


In my table de x, y coordinates are type "number". In my datapage number is  defined as recommended.


This is an example of my coordinates: 520973.888   677218.1328


What do I wrong?




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Hi Caspio Ninja,


Thank for the link.

Have seen the video. Bus in the example in the video they use the adres to map de addresses on the map.

I want to use the geo coordinates to map de addresses on the map because I want to map many addresses on the map.


But I see the map, without markers.


Is there a special coordinates system perhaps?





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Hello Caspioheleen,


As far as I know, the coordinates like 37.406393 and -121.980281 work.

You can check the coordinates on google maps - enter the coordinates as x, y; for example:



And I would ask one more question. If I understand correctly, some records should be displayed under the map. Are records displayed on your DataPage?

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Hello Caspio Guru,


Thank for your help. I use the format of your example and now  there are markers on the map.
I am very glad, but the markers are on the wrong place. 
For example 
52.0973888   67.72181328 is in Kazachstan, but I supposed it will be a point in The Netherlands.
Is there a different x,y system that I must  use?



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Hello Heleen,


As far as I know, standard coordinates are used.


For example, coordinates of Amsterdam are

52°22′N 4°54′E


So, coordinates on the map mashup should be like

52.3 and 5


Southern Latitude and Western Longitude are negative.


I hope it helps.

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