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Single Record Update Form



My single record update form is not working. I have a table called CONTACTS. There are 4 fields defined in the table.  The field names are the following:

1.  Contact ID Number (auto-value)

2.  First Name

3.  Last Name

4.  Phone Number


I am not using any Access and Security.  To identify the record to be updated, I am using "Find record through unique ID".  My Unique ID field is the Contact ID and my parameter name is [@CIN].  I have selected all the fields to be used on the Web form and have made the Contact ID Number hidden.  In preview mode, it is able to locate the correct record to modify!  I want to be able to enter a specific Contact ID to change any of the other 3 fields.  I believe I do not know how to properly configure the Contact ID Number field (both Standard and Advanced properties).  I have deployed / embedded the code on my wix.com page. In live mode, I do not get prompted for my parameter.  I have tried passing the parameter on the URL. I suspect my syntax is incorrect.  Please assist.  

Thank you

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Hello mbogen,


As far as I know, the problem is not with settings of the filed on the Configure Fields step. If you do not want to edit the field, you can do not select the field on the Select Fields step.


Maybe, the parameter has incorrect format.

The Record is displayed, if the id of the record is the same as the parameter, for example, 1.

Please try to use the number in your URL, like "URL?CAN=1"

If the Record will be displayed, please make sure that format of your filed 1fX1z0rK is number-integer. If the format is number -general, the value maybe "1.00" and the record is not displayed.


As far as I know, it the better to pass parameters without URL, if it works for you.

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Hi Jan,

I like your suggestion to pass parameters without URL.  If that is the case, does that mean I need a DataPage with 1 field on it to capture the CAN (it's unique) and then pass it to the next DataPage where I would be updating other record fields?

I do not want to use a Report.  How else would you prompt for the CAN?

Thank you

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Hi mbogen,


If I understand correctly, you can create a Submission form with only one Virtual field, that will pass the value as the parameter to your Single Record Update form. This Submission form will not update any table, only pass the parameter. 

There is the article with instructions on how to do this.


I hope it helps.

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