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Resizing Iframes

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Hi all,


I am looking for a working solution to resize iframe height and width.


I have used an iframe to embed a submission form on my website. This form has various rules  (4 in total) in place so as per option selected by the users , the form will change its height.


Ideally, I would like to resize the iframe accordingly. Will appreciate if somebody could share a successful solution they might have come across?


I have browsed a bit and found an interesting discussion thread on stack overflow . I tried various alternatives BUT with no success!


The code that I have currently embedded on the webpage is below,


<script language="JavaScript">
function autoResize(id){
    var newheight;
    var newwidth;
        newheight = document.getElementById(id).contentWindow.document .body.scrollHeight;
        newwidth = document.getElementById(id).contentWindow.document .body.scrollWidth;
    document.getElementById(id).height = (newheight) + "px";
    document.getElementById(id).width = (newwidth) + "px";
<iframe src="Caspio. URL of Datapage" width="100%" id="iframe1" marginheight="0" frameborder="0" onLoad="autoResize('iframe1');"></iframe></body>
Any help most welcome!
Thanks in advance. K



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Try this:


<iframe name="" id="iFrame1" title="02 Inline Providers_with FY choice" src="URL">Sorry, but your browser does not support frames.</iframe>

<script type="application/javascript">

function resizeIFrameToFitContent( iFrame ) {

    iFrame.width  = "100%";
    iFrame.height = "500px";

    var iFrame = document.getElementById( 'iFrame1' );
    resizeIFrameToFitContent( iFrame );

    // or, to resize all iframes:



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