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Values cannot be submitted due to a data restriction.



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18 hours ago, rasasayang said:

Hi, just start using this amazing caspio to create a form for internal user.

However when i try to submit the form, it says  Values cannot be submitted due to a data restriction.

Anyone can point out what i could possibly did wrong?


Hi, you may check if you included field which is used in relationships. If  your form is built on a child (related) table you may see this error if you don't fill out the field which is used in relationship. 

Hope it helps 

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There are some cases when the error "Values cannot be submitted due to a data restriction" occurs:

1.  When there is a Formula Field in the table.  Make sure that the formula in the Formula fields should not contain empty values and all the values should be cast to the one type. To make the formula correct you should wrap the fields to the isnull function to replace the Null value with 0.  Also, when you perform any operations with the different data types you should convert them to the same one.

2.   When the referential integrity is broken. Please follow this link for more details:  https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/relationships/relationship-settings/

3. When tables or datapages are corrupted after making some changes, for example, modifying the table design, adding/removing relationships, datatype changes, etc.  These actions lead to some missing constraints in the table and seem to cause an issue at the server level. You can try export and import back the datapage with dependencies.

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