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Can JS extract data from data table?

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Is it possible, using javascript / jQuery, to extract data from specific fields in a Caspio table, or its results datapage, and assign that data to an array?

If so, can this code be made to work by placing it in an HTML block inside the relevant datapage?

Please give me an example of the code that would achieve this.


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Well, Lets say I've got a table called 'Customer_services' with 3 fields; Name, Country, Product (all text fields).  3 records in the table:

1. Sue            USA              Rake

2. Eric            Spain           Fork

3. Sue            Mexico        Rake


I'd like to create a variable containing all countries and products associated with 'Sue'.  So what I want is:

myvariable = 'USA, Rake, Mexico, Rake'


Hope this is possible.  Thanks MayMusic

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Hi Farnsbarnes,

This can be accomplished with a GET View Rows API call. More information on building Caspio APIs can be found at https://howto.caspio.com/integration/web-services-api/rest-api/operations/view-operations/

Alternatively, you can using this third party service for creating your API calls very easy: https://www.futuresuite.net/products/api-library.php

I hope it gives you some light.

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Thanks douvega.  I suspected it might come down to using API calls.  However, while I understand the Caspio codes and explanations as presented, I just can't get my head around actually putting the explanations together to make a basic API call.  If only Caspio had a step-by-step example of the simple operations required to have a GET View Rows up and running (a video would be good).  This is such a big and obvious gap in Caspio's explanations that I can't help suspect it's purposely done!   Do you know of any such help anywhere?

I appreciate the 3rd party recommendation.  Perhaps for later, as I'm on a bit of a shoestring budget at the moment.



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