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Transpose the table in a Results Page


Hello - is there away I can transpose the table in a results page?

Currently, my results page look like this.

TYPE                  Q1           Q2          Q3          Q4          Q5

Iteration 1

Iteration 2

Iteration 3


I would like to display it like this

TYPE        Iteration 1         Iteration 2          Iteration 3







Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Unfortunately the pivot table didn't work in my situation. I would like to transpose the table as discussed above for an individual record. Normally the details page would be used for this, but I would like the formatting to look like a table. I want my table to have the following format:


Company ABC

Criteria         Score          %

Criteria 1       10               5

Criteria  2       15              8

Criteria 3        20              19


With a standard table, the criteria headings (criteria 1 to criteria 3) are shown in in the first header row, but I want them shown in the first column?

Any ideas?


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Hi Scott,

You can achieve the desired layout if you use "No labels" settings and "Continue next element on the same line" field option.

You should insert Labels names in HTML block and place it on the top of fields which will be displayed in the first row.

Hope this helps.



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